Saturday, January 26, 2008

How to Make Small Boobs Look Bigger

Ever wish your breasts could be just a bit larger? You're not alone. Many women feel unhappy with their breast size at one time or another, and it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. If you're a teen, for example, it's important to understand that everyone's breasts develop at different times and at different rates. Even if your breasts are fully matured, think (at least) twice before deciding to go under the knife. Instead, try these tips to make your breasts look bigger. And remember, there are countless men out there that can appreciate breasts that don't quite measure up to Pamela Anderson's!

  • Get properly fitted. Lingerie stores such as Victoria's Secret will usually measure you for free. An ill-fitting bra won't unleash your full potential! It's also an option to measure your bra size by yourself. Remember this is a starting point, not an absolute size.

  • Get a push-up or padded bra. Push-up bras push your cleavage together to enhance your breasts, and padded bras add heft to your breasts. Some bras have both these features.

  • Gel bras, air bras, and water bras work in the same way, but they may move better with your breasts to appear more natural, and you may find them more comfortable.

  • Get inserts. Foam, air, and gel inserts are made to be inserted into your bra. The effect is much like that of a push-up or padded bra, but you may be able to use inserts in combination with special bras (if you do so, make sure it looks right and doesn't appear unnatural or fit too tightly). Silicone inserts are worn directly on the exterior of the breasts--as opposed to being inserted into a bra--and look more natural than other inserts.

  • Wear your bra properly. The bottom of your bra should be underneath your breasts. Just lifting your bra under your breasts makes them look at least a cup size bigger.

  • Choose tops that enhance your breasts.

  • T-shirts: Get tees with high, asymmetrical necklines. If you have slender arms, sleeveless t-shirts will draw your attention to them and give the illusion of a larger bust. Stay away from deep v-necks or very low scoop-necks, although vees are better than scoops. Tighter fitting tops are better too.

  • Blouses: A fitted blouse with a narrow v-neck will accentuate your bust. Ruffles, lace, breast pockets, and wide lapels will also give the illusion of having larger breasts. Stay away from blouses that are too big or flowing.

  • Exercise. Exercise won't give you larger breasts, but strengthening and toning the muscles beneath your bust can lift your breasts slightly. Perkier breasts will give the illusion of being larger.

  • Cross Your Bra Straps. In the back of your bra (behind, where it clasps) unhook the two straps and switch the little loophole they're fastened in. This will pull up your breasts, and make them look larger!


  • Avoid stuffing your bra with materials like toilet paper, cloth, etc. They can fall out (which is VERY embarrassing) and they can give your breasts a lumpy, unnatural appearance. Bra inserts are always the best way to go.

  • Get a reality check! Sometimes, you just think your boobs look too small, when actually, people envy them! Take a moment to figure out for yourself whether you just have low self-esteem, or if you really do have small breasts. Also, check with someone honest who will tell you the truth about your boobs. If they still feel too small to you, then follow the steps and tips.

  • Going to the beach? Swimsuits with padding or underwires are available, and bikini tops with triangular cups tend to accentuate your cleavage.

  • Try not to buy too big of a bra, but also don't buy bras too tight, and don't let your breasts hang over the cups--just make them fit in nicely.

  • When trying on bras, put your blouse on over the bra to make sure that it's comfortable and looks natural.

  • When wearing a low-cut shirt, brush a little bit of eyeshadow on the side of your breast in your cleavage.

  • High-estrogen birth control pills can temporarily enlarge your breasts, but this doesn't happen for everybody, and you should always consider all the potential side effects of any medication before using it.

  • If you want to get firmer breasts without the extra sweat from exercising, massage around your breasts to get the blood circulation flowing, firming and filing your boobs.

  • It is good to know that your body fat content plays a major role in the size of your breasts. If you have a low body fat content, and a sporty figure, you will probably also have smaller breasts. However, for many, many men (also some of the guys you like), the size of the boobs is not that important. Being nice and self-confident is.


  • Be careful of bra inserts; especially if you have very small breasts, because they can shift and slide around quite a lot during the course of your day. Be sure you regularly (and discreetly) check them to make sure they are tucked in and not on the verge of falling out.
  • Don't try anything too drastic, like surgery, without first consulting your doctor and, if you're a teen, your parents.
  • If you feel that cosmetic surgery is right for you, be entirely sure that this is what you really want. All surgeries are life-threatening, so be very picky about which surgeon you will go to, and consider counseling if you are really unhappy with your body.
  • Beware herbal supplements that claim to enhance breasts. Some of these may in fact work, but a lot of them are gimmicks or even dangerous.
  • Taking doses of estrogen above what your body naturally provides increases your breast cancer risk.

Things You'll Need

  • Push-up or padded bras, inserts
  • Push-up bra
  • Blouses that work to your advantage
  • Confidence


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